Every time your client chats with your bot, the system carefully analyses all of the input to match it with the right interaction. You can modify and change the matching system to provide your clients fluent and better user experience.

How Machine System works

Matching systems are responsible for pairing user input with User Says field. The system weighs both values and gives the score. If the score is equal or higher than the setup Confidence Score, bot responses are triggered. As you may now see, selecting the right matching system can be crucial for seamless conversation flow.

Available Matching Systems

To give you better control over your chatbots, we have introduced two matching systems, Machine Learning, and Keywords.

Machine Learning uses Natural Language Processing and Algorithmic probability. The system reads the full user input and carefully analyses it. The matching strength depends on the confidence score user setup. ML is the default matching system and it’s automatically enabled.

Keywords search for the defined word in the user input. When the system finds the keyword, the matching score is equal to 1 (100%).

How to switch between Matching Systems

By default, interactions use Machine Learning matching system as we believe you’ll use it for most interactions. You can change that for each interaction.

Matching system is assign individually to each JetBot. You can change your matching system on the configuration part of JetBot.

Prioritised matching system

Jetlink always selects the interaction with the higher matching score. But what in a situation where has to decide between interactions that are ruled by different matching systems?

  • Interactions with ML matching are prioritized.

  • When Keywords system find the expected word, the matching score equals 100%.

When a bot meets two interactions with two different matching systems, Machine Learning has preference even if the matching score is lower than the matching score of Keywords.