Setting business hours helps you to notify your users when your agents are away from the Jetlink. You can set a custom away message to let your users and visitors know agents are currently away and when they should expect agents to be online again.

You can either set a separate schedule for each day of the week or you can set one for weekdays and weekends, whatever suits your needs.

In order to set Business Hours:

  • Go to the "Business Hours" page from Settings-> Business Hours (under Setup) by clicking here.

  •  Once you navigate to the setting, you can switch and make Business Hours enabled as shown below.

  • Select a
    from the dropdown list. 
  • Enter an away message
  • Select a schedule for business hours and days.
  • Select checkboxes to enable them. They’re off by default.
  • Click "Save" when it's done.

Note: You can also prevent new conversation creation when your agents are out of business hours by activating the feature shown below.