You can decide how precisely your bot interprets what your client says by using Confidence Level.

Every time your clients types a message, the bot analyses its accuracy and pairs it with the most matching available interaction. The accuracy is shown as a number: the higher the number, the better the match. This result is called matching score. Usually, If there are three available interactions, the bot will choose the one with the highest result.The confidence level setting affects both matching systems. Read more about how they work here.

Confidence Level is a threshold that determines what the lowest matching level acceptable to trigger an interaction is. If the matching level falls below the confidence level, the bot will trigger fallback interaction, an interaction that asks the user to repeat the query.

By setting the confidence level correctly, you can provide effortless and smooth chatting experience, right for your business.

Confidence level values

The default confidence level is 0.4. You can decide which value fits your story best. Confidence level must be in the range of 0 - 1, where 0 means 0%, 0.5 = 50% and 1 = 100%.

Setting a very low confidence level value is recommended only in a very limited number of scenarios. Remember that this setting will affect all your stories and can cause various changes in the both behaviors.

How to change the confidence level

Go to your settings. In the General section you’ll find the confidence level settings. 

Set the value of your confidence level in the range of 0 - 1, for example, you can give it the value of 0.6.

Click on the save button to keep your changes.

The confidence leve has been changed. Test your bot to see how it works now.