Human Take Over, Other Actions for Long Texts

Bu yardım dokümanının Türkçe versiyonu için tıklayın.

Due to dialogic artificial intelligence algorithms, chatbots are not yet very successful in making sense of user messages that are longer than a paragraph. Moreover, if someone writes a long paragraph without waiting for a response from you, we can say that it falls under the definition of monologue rather than dialogue. For this reason, our JetBots had difficulty understanding texts exceeding a certain number of characters and were responding to the user with a status message that I could not understand. 

In order not to leave unanswered users who explain their problems in long paragraphs, we have published the development of transferring to customer representatives in long messages. We say to transfer it to a customer representative in order not to be left unanswered, but if you do not use the live support feature, it is also possible to direct your visitors to different channels with different scenarios.

Moreover, it is very easy to apply. You can use an existing Agent intent or contact information intent for this. If there is no such intention, you must first create a new intention that fits your purpose.

Then, when training this intent, simply write the entry @@input.longtext.150 between the user expressions.

The number 150 here is the minimum number of characters you can limit. If you want to make the character limit longer, you can change it. In other words, if you want the message to be transmitted by the chatbot to the representative at least one Tweet long, just write @@input.longtext.160 in the user expressions.