With the feature called as Product Intent, your chatbot will be able to direct your customers to the product pages just like your website search. 

This feature, which we think will be extra useful especially in e-commerce, can direct chatbot users who come in search of specific products and services in different sectors directly to the page of the relevant product / service.

The only thing that the customers need to do is tell your chatbot what they are looking for!

Firstly, a list containing all the product keywords with its different versions needs to be done. We called this the entity feature.

How to add new entities to  your bot?

There are two ways.

Importing: You can work on an excel that you can write all the product keywords in. After that you can import it into your bot. 

Prepare the product excel. Be careful with the titles “Reference Value” and “Synonym”. You should write a value on the reference value column and its synonyms on the synonym column. See the example below. 


Import the excel work into the Jetlink dashboard. 

Go to Jetbot page, 

Click Entities, 

Click “Add New Entity”, 

Decide on entity name, 

Click “import” 

and it’s done! now you should wait for it to be trained. 

This is how it looks on Jetlink dashboard after you import your excel work 

Manuel Adding: You can add entities and its references(synonyms) on the Jetlink panel without importing a list. 

Go to the Jetbot page, 

Click entities, 

Click “add a new entity”, 

Click the new entity that you have added. 

You will see the screen below. 

Enter a reference and its synonyms and click the tick. 

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes” after you finish all the work.

You are now ready to prepare the Product Intent. 

Add an intent named Products (preferred). Be careful with the UserSays. 

Use the entity you prepared in this intent. 

Please find the example below. 

Come up with a response that you can use for this intent. 

reach the developer team for the webhook as it going to be a dynamic response

Now your product intent is ready!