What is Smart Resolving? What does it do?

It is based on the automatic resolution of conversations with the chatbot or agent after they have ended. It provides the opportunity to resolve the messages from the user by categorizing them according to the subject. In this way, we can report conversations resolved by bot or agent. In case the agent forgets to resolve, the automatic system works and marks the conversation as "resolved" within the specified time.

Smart Resolving can act proactively to get feedback from the user with a message and scoring system. This message can be prepared for a specific category (bot, agent) and can be used for all platforms (webchat, facebook, whatsapp etc.) either jointly or customized. For example, at the end of conversations that the bot resolves, we can say "goodbye" to the user, thank him/her or ask his/her opinion with a bot-specific message. If you wish, you can only choose to send a message or ask the user to evaluate the service with the message.

A category specific to smart resolving is determined for chatbot and agent. But more than two categories can be created. Allows agents to categorize subjects that they have resolved manually. For example, when resolving complaints from the user, the agent resolves the conversation under the "complaints" category. Thus, regular, traceable and reportable data is obtained.

How can I activate?

1. As the first step, we click on the "Add Resolving Category" option on the link https://app.jetlink.io/Settings/ResolveCategory.

2. On the screen that appears, we write the name of the category and the message we set for this category. With the two options at the bottom of the screen, we can select the options "Request conversation rating" or just "Send conversation resolve message only". Thus, when the conversation is resolved, we can send the conversation evaluation request together with the resolution message or just our conversation evaluation request. You can find an example screenshot of the situation where both are sent under item 7.

3. On the same screen, we can also select the platform on which we want to activate these settings. We can set it to "All Platforms" as well as customize it for a single platform.

4. After clicking the "Save" button, a screen appears where all the categories we have created are listed. Updating category details and deleting categories are also performed on this screen.

5. We use the link https://app.jetlink.io/Settings/AutoResolve  for the next action. There are two separate settings tabs for bot and agent. We set the resolving time to be between 1-30 minutes. We can turn the smart resolve feature on or off by turning the "Status" option on or off.

6. We select the categories we created before for the chatbot or the agent on this page and activate the feature by clicking the "Save" button.

7. We are ready to send the message we have chosen for the post-resolving, within the time we have determined, from the platform we have chosen.