Team members can take different roles on Jetlink as below:

Agent: Agents can engage in conversations with customers reaching out, compose campaign messages, create and train JetBots to automate conversations, access to his / her own reports, chat 1:1 with end users, and edit their own profile information.

Reporter: Reporter can access conversations and reports screens and access report data. However, she/he is not allowed for actionable screens such as jetbot, proactive conversations and settings.

JetBot Trainer: JetBot Trainer can edit content by accessing jetbot and proactive conversations screens. He/she can enter the conversations screen and review the conversations but cannot access the reports and settings screen.

Admin: Admins can do all actions of agents do and also edit, delete agent accounts. Besides, they have access to team's activity feed, to overall company conversation reports, can invite other users to company account and right to delete agent users. The agent can't delete another agent account.

Account owner (also Admin): This is the team member who signs up for the Jetlink account and the only team member who can delete other admin team members and edit/access the billing related information for the account in addition to all functions that an Admin can perform.

If you need to change the account owner, please write to us from the email id of the account owner or from the same domain.