What is it? What is its purpose?

You can create new users to manage the Jetlink panel more effectively with your team members and invite your team members to the Jetlink panel. This way, you can easily manage the panel with more users and ensure that new customer reviews, feedback, or weekly reports reach other user email addresses as well.

How can I activate it?

1- First, we go to the "Settings" page located at the bottom of the left menu. Alternatively, you can access the "Settings" page by clicking on the link https://app.jetlink.io/Settings/Main.

2- In the next step, we click on the "Team Members" section, as seen in the image below.

3- On the current page, we click on the "Add New Team Member" button in the top left corner. You can also view the information and authorization statuses of existing users who have access to our Jetlink account on this page.

4- Fill in the information on the screen that appears and simply press the save button. After saving, users should set a new password for themselves through the notification sent to the email address you provided. This way, they can easily access the panel.

What are user roles?

You can review the roles and meanings of the users you will assign below.

Administrator: Can access the entire panel and invite users and change user roles.

Agent: Can access settings related to agent and use the conversations screen to engage with customers.

Reporting: Can view the Reports pages and download reports.

Jetbot Trainer: Can access Jetbot content and train Jetbot contents.