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Once you activate live support integration for your Chatbot, you can automatically redirect to a representative.

 In Jetbot, there are two scenarios where a chat is redirected to a human:

  • When Chatbot doesn’t understand the user

  • When user triggers a certain phrase or word that’s set to be redirected

If you would like your Chatbot to redirect a conversation to a human representative whenever it fails to understand the user, you need to add the “Human Takeover” response. Once you do that you will also be activating the “Cycle Count” function. When the Cycle Count is set to X, Chatbot will automatically redirect to a human representative whenever it fails to understand the user for X times, so as to not inconvenience them.

If you want it to redirect to a representative at certain points, you can add the Human Takeover action to the relevant content.

To edit the online and offline messages sent to the user, you can go to the “Responses” tab, “Actions” section, and select Human Takeover.

Additionally, you can add a button to your messages to redirect to a link.

By activating the “Send Contact Info Collector” button, you can request certain information before redirecting to a representative, ensuring the user receives a more personalized experience by the representative.

If you’d like users to be redirected to specific representatives on certain topics, you can assign representatives from the “Expertises” section. To get help on this function please take a look at our help document.

Once all settings are made, redirections to representatives will be made automatically. You can click the “Human Takeover Reports” from the Reports tab on the Jetlink panel to analyze the redirecting reports.

From this report, you can examine the data of chatbot redirecting when failing to understand the user and chatbot redirecting because of predetermined intents separately. 

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