Smart Intent Generator

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The self intent generation feature allows you to automatically generate all the content of your JetBot with a single link. While chatbot technology has just started to become popular in our lives, everyone's dream was "Let's give the link to the website, let the chatbot learn." The thought is no longer a dream.

So how can your JetBot generate intents on its own?

The chatbot learns the content of the page on its own through the URL you define to your JetBot and turns this content into different questions and answers in the most appropriate way.

To activate the Smart Intent Generator, log in to your account at  and follow the JetBot > Edit Content steps to the JetBot content editing screen. Click on “Smart Intent Generator” from the left side menu.

If no definition has been made yet, the page will appear as follows.

Click the “Create Smart Intent” button in the upper right corner of the page that opens.

In the pop-up information window that opens as below, enter the URL of the page you want your JetBot to generate an intent list from.

If you prefer JetBot to crawl only on the URL you entered without looking at the subpages, activate the "Only use this URL" option as follows.

After entering all the information, click the “Save” button.

After clicking the Save button, you will see a warning at the bottom of the screen that the scan has started. The duration of the smart intent generation process may vary depending on the size of the content page. This process can take 30 minutes to 2 hours.

A new intent scan cannot be started while intent generation is in progress. You must wait for the previous process to finish before you can work on the next URL.

After the intent creation process is finished, your action will be listed as follows.

You can see the generated intents as Q&A by clicking the Train option next to the relevant link.

After clicking on the Train option, an information window like the one below will open. You can examine the intents listed here by enlarging the text boxes, edit the texts of the ones you want to add to your JetBot, and add them to your bot by clicking the tick icon. You can delete unwanted intentions by pressing the cross icon.

Suggestions you approve are listed alphabetically among other intentions on the Intentions page. After this step, you can enter the intent editing screen and complete the training as you did with all intents before, and you can edit the answers if you wish.