We can take advantage of the convenience provided by artificial intelligence to easily add content that is not currently present in our Chatbot, instead of adding it manually with the help of the Jetlink Genius LLM Knowledge Base.

Step 1: First, go to the Jetbot menu for the LLM Knowledge Bank.

Step 2: Click on the "Edit Content" button in the Jetbot menu.

Step 3: You need to select the option for the LLM Knowledge Bank.

Step 4: On the screen that appears, you can give any command to LLM and add a text description of what it will be used for by clicking on the Settings icon.

You can view your GPT model type from the heading below, and for detailed information about your GPT model type, you can contact the Jetlink team.

You can click on the "Knowledge Base LLM activation status" button at the bottom of the screen to optionally deactivate LLM.

Step 5: If you haven't added content before, you can click on the + button at the top to add content from the screen that appears.

Step 6: You can add the title of the content you want to add and the text containing the details of the content to the "Content Name" and "LLM Knowledge Bank Content" fields.

Step 7: By clicking "Save," you can add the relevant content, and then you can initiate the training by clicking the "Start LLM Training" button.

Note: You can activate or deactivate a feature you don't want to use by clicking on the button located on the right side of the content.

Step 8: It is important that the content we added to our bot has not been previously added as an intent, and there is no existing response related to it in our bot. After adding the relevant content, you need to check from the Jetbot Test screen whether the question you will ask matches with any previously added intent.

Step 9: As seen on the screen, it matches with the previously added intent "What are Vestel smart products?" in English.

Step 10: In this case, you should search for the "What are Vestel smart products?" intent from the panel, enter the intent, and open the Advanced screen for this intent. Then, increase the General Artificial Intelligence Settings to 1 and the Probabilistic Artificial Intelligence Settings to the level of 0.95.

Step 11: Then, you can enter the page where our bot is located and ask any questions you want regarding the text.