Follow-up Message for Received Ratings

We now have an option to send the users a follow up message after their ratings are received. How can you activate this feature which is super important to ensure customer satisfaction?

Firstly, Go to the settings page and click resolve categories.

Then select a resolve category and click edit.

When you click edit, you will see the first message and the thanks message on the opened window. For the follow-up message, click “Send another message after rating icons clicked”.  Right after that  “Message Content” button will appear. Please click it to be able to edit the content. 


After clicking  “Message Content”, the screen below will appear. Please fill in the blanks.

Lastly, The scores need to be selected. Only one scenario is possible here therefore you need to choose after what scores you would like to send the follow-up message. Best scenario is to send the follow-up message which transfers the customers to the contact person or a form after the negative ratings. In this way, you can ensure customer satisfaction. You will see an example below. 

This message sent after the user gave 1 star