What is the purpose of user name addition?

Thanks to this development made to personalize the experience, the chatbot addresses the user by name even before the chat begins.

Users who have filled out the form by interacting with the chatbot can see their names in the proactive message on their next visit. For this scenario to happen, it is necessary to get the name-surname information on the form.

How can I use the feature?

1. You can click on "Create Proactive Conversation" from https://app.jetlink.io/Campaigns or edit the text of one of the existing Proactive Conversations.

2. When you come to the text section, add ''{{user.name}}'' to the place where you want the user name to appear.

3. If you want to use last name data, you can also add ''{{user.surname}}'' next to ''{{user.name}}''.

4. After all operations, the view will be as follows.