Customizable Dashboard

How can I customize dashboard on Jetlink?

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We have developed the Jetlink Customizable Homepage feature so that you can quickly access your favorite reports and quickly browse the data that is more important to you.

You can now add the shortcuts you need to the homepage, which was fixed in previous versions, and change their positions according to your preference.

If you haven't made any changes on the homepage that welcomes you when you log in to the panel from, all modules you can use will be on the screen.

If there is a module that you think you do not need to see on this page, you can remove it from the homepage by pressing the cross in the upper right corner of the module.

You can easily arrange modules by dragging and dropping them as in the screenshot below.

You can bring a module back that you have removed from your homepage by clicking the "+Add Module" button in the upper right corner of the screen.