PS: This help doc has been prepared while assuming that the business partner is using Whatsapp Business API. If you’re not using Jetlink Whatsapp Business API services, please contact the Jetlink Team.

Who can send Whatsapp Proactive Messages?

All of our business partners that use WhatsApp Business API, can send proactive messages on WhatsApp to their customers. 

For sending these proactives, it’s not a prerequisite to have a chatbot. Business partners who use our platform for live support or video call services also qualify for this feature if they own a WhatsApp Business API as well. 

WhatsApp Proactive Messages Sending Rules

Before sending WhatsApp Proactive Messages on your JetBot or WhatsApp number, you have to achieve some prerequisites to be eligible. 

First of all, you have to use Whatsapp Business API. If you do not use Whatsapp Business API yet, you can contact the Jetlink team.  

If you already use WhatsApp Business API, the first step is preparing a message template and getting approval from Meta Inc. for your message to be eligible for sending. After acquiring approval for your message templates, it is possible to send proactive messages, advertiesments and campaign announcements for your clients/users via WhatsApp.

All the process can be done on the Jetlink panel easily and fast. You can find all the steps you need to do in this help doc. 

How to Create WhatsApp Proactive Message Template?

To use WhatsApp Proactive Messages feature, first of all you need to reach the Settings screen. After that on the Channels menu, select WhatsApp channel settings. 

Click “Proactive Template Messages” on the opened page. If there are not any proactive message templates created before, the screen would be seen below. Click on the “Add a New Message Template” button to start the process. 

Fill in the required information for the message template on the pop-up screen. Information areas have been explained in the next step with full details.

Naming your message template would be helpful to identify the defined message when you created different messages. 

Choose a category for your message template. Category that has been selected is necessary for inspection on approval process. 

Choose the language of the message template. The body text should be in the same language as the one you chose. 

Write the body text of your message. Body text and texts in other areas should be in the language you would choose.

If you would have variable parameters such as user name, model details or location; enumerate your parameters according to usage order like in the example below. 

Choose the Header format to use on your message template. Image, text or file formats are usable in the header.

Choose the Button format to use on your message template. You can deliver URL, Phone number and Quick Replies to your clients.

Please fill in the text box for the suitable button format.

You can only send different button formats consequentally. If you choose URL on the first button, other buttons should be in a different format. If you only choose Quick Replies format, you can use same format subsequentally up to three times.


After creating your message template, click on Save button.

Your message templates will be listed on Message Templates screen. You can check approval status of your message template, view your template, clone the template or delete it. 

How to Send Proactive Messages via WhatsApp?

Click on Proactive Messages on the left menu. After clicking to Create a Proactive Conversation in Proactive Messages page, select WhatsApp option in the pop-up screen.


Before anything else, name your message to find it easily in “Proactive Messages“ list.

After that, to determine the audience for sending proactive messages, click Filter and select user filtering to decide on your target audience.

Besides the first option, you might upload a user list you have prepared as an Excel worksheet. Prepared user list should be compatible with the Jetlink template. You can download this template by clicking “Download Template” and use it accordingly. 

PS:If a proactive message will be sended via WhatsApp, it is obligatory to fill in the Phone Number area in the template Excel worksheet. Name and Surname areas should be filled in if parameters are used in body text of proactive messages.

Upload the user list that is compatible with the template by clicking Upload Users. After uploading is completed click Next button on top right of the main screen.

Depending on the type of content you want to create a proactive message for, choose from the approved message templates you have prepared before. 

If you want to send Timed proactive messages, choose Send on at the right of the Schedule menu. And choose the date for your message to be delivered.  After selecting date, click Next in top right. 

Your WhatsApp Proactive Message is ready to send now! Click Launch and send your message.

PS: As Whatsapp Business API rules dictate, every number has limits on proactive messaging (user-initiated messages). Also the quality of proactive messages have significant importance on these limits. To learn your sending limits please reach your Jetlink project manager.