What is confidence level?

The confidence level that defines the chatbot match rate is explained in the help document available at this link. Before this document, you can get basic information by going to the link.

What is intent-based confidence level?

The confidence level to base on matching user expressions can be customized for each intent. We can keep the confidence level of the intents that we want to be cautious, especially small talks. In this way, we prevent expressions that should match the main intents from matching with others (small talks, less asked topics etc.).

How intent-based confidence level works?

  • Open the intent and click on the 'advanced' tab.

  • Two settings, General AI Settings and Probabilistic AI Settings, appear on the screen that opens. You can set these two setting levels by considering the general confidence levels. Higher confidence level means more cautious matching behavior. 

  • Click the 'save' button at the last step.