With this feature, you can easily see retrospective conversations by adding tags to the conversation content. You can examine the speech contents by grouping them.

In the left section of the panel, it was possible to view the words contained in the messages by typing them. Thanks to this feature, you can now view the messages you have added tags instead of all messages containing the word you are looking for.

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How to Use the Add Tags Feature?

1- We select the conversations area at https://app.jetlink.io/Dashboard/Main.

2- We come to the screen where the conversations are displayed. In this section, you can view all messages sent to the chatbot.

3- Select the conversations you want to add tags to. For example, let's add a tag called "campaign prices" to conversations with price questions and save it.

Here we also created a new tag. Then click the save button to save it. You can add it to any conversation you want.

You can also add multiple tags to a conversation. For example, in the conversation below, both side effects and price questions were asked. 

4- To view the conversations we added tags:

We write the name of the tag we added in the search section. We wrote the tags “tagyanetki” and “campaign prices”. Only the conversations in which we added these tags came to the screen.