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To access the Resolve Category Reports, first login to the panel with your user information from app.jetlink.io and then click on the link https://app.jetlink.io/Insights/ResolveCategories.

What are Analysis Category Reports?

Conversations contain insights from your customers, and categorization helps you review those insights easily. Team members select the relevant topic when closing a conversation. You can create an unlimited number of different categories of solutions to properly report chat topics.

Resolve Categories Reports allow you to see which topic the conversations were closed with proportionally in a graphed way.

Under the Resolve Categories tab, you can see the rate of closing all conversations with smart analyzer and other categories. This rate can also give an idea about the rate of conversations closed by the chatbot.

Under the Agent Resolve Categories tab, you can see the category percentages of the conversations closed/resolved by your agents. The category you set for the agent auto-resolver (in the example it's spelled that way, but may have a different name) shows the percentage of conversations that should have been closed by your agents but weren't closed automatically. If it is an important issue for you that your agents analyze your speeches, you can also follow up on this report.

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